31 Automator "integration"

by saniwat

32 Keyboard navigation

by ikemitsu

36 Drop Copy Functionality

by oneblessedguy

38 Add blanks/spaces to grid.

by MacGeekPaul

39 FR: Dark Mode iCon

by jforkner

40 Convert a file into PDF

by iurisbruno

42 Imageshack with logins

by whiteside

44 Evernote

by penrand

45 setting is missing few things

by rickinhissmart

46 undo move / copy

by dfay

47 Webdav Support

by erio

48 Drop to iTunes

by nzblitz

52 10.9 compatible pls

by freewizard

53Moved: Grid Positioning Issue

by jazzorgan

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54 Easier access to DropZone

by AzizLight

56 Upload to CloudApp

by DeputyRob

60 Auto Create Folder

by punderwood75