Dropzone Launched

July 2nd, 2009


Download it if you haven’t already, and if you like it, support the project by buying a copy – As promised, it’s only $10.

I’m really very proud of it, and have come to depend on it in my day to day work. Although it can take a while before it feels a natural part of your OS X workflow, once you ‘get it’ it becomes an indispensable utility, a lot like Quicksilver or TextExpander.

I see this as just a beginning, and I hope you’ll help me build on it using the Dropzone scripting API. Some pretty neat stuff has already been built. I also need your feedback on how to evolve the API to make it even more useful.

There are many more features I am working on for future releases, such as SFTP, WebDAV and MobileMe support. So if you need these, rest assured they are coming soon.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy using the app and let me know what you think of it!


  1. Congrats John!

    I’m really excited about Dropzone, this is a really good product, no doubt it’ll get at least as successful as Dockdrop.

  2. John Winter says:

    Thanks Maxime!

  3. David says:

    Congratulations on the launch J – agreed that at first glance DZ may not click with some people, but once you integrate it in to your flow you quickly come to depend on it. It is absolutely indispensable for me now, right up there with 1Password & Text Expander. I use it a thousand times a day to zip files, share them via dropbox, ftp & flickr, zip files, share code and documents and send videos to my various apps for editing and conversions.

    It has replaced half a dozen icons in my dock and sure to grow, increased my productivity and stream lined my work-flow immeasurably. This is one of those apps that at first glance looks novel and possibly useful, but once you’ve used it for a while you realize you can no longer do without it.

    Thanks very much for allowing me to be a part of the beta process and use your great app these past months. I hope Drop Zone sells well for you and I will certainly do what I can to spread the word!

  4. John Winter says:

    Thanks for all the help getting this far David!
    Your feedback was absolutely invaluable and I really appreciate the support.

  5. supidupi says:

    I can just continue with the kind words, really, waited for it since i found out about Dockdrop
    Can’t wait for the MobileMe and iDisk support,and hope u could get upload to Rapidshare accounts to work cause that would gain u so many mac users lacking a Rapidshare/Megaupload uploader
    Just one question, I see David is talking about zipping a file, is there an option just to zip but no email or just to put some app like BetterZip in it and try to make it work?
    thanks and fingers crossed 😀

  6. Alex says:

    Love this product! I paid for it after using it for only 10 mins. Looking forward to the updates and to see where this goes!

  7. David says:

    @supidupi Of course the greatest thing about DZ is it’s ability to not only take advantage of user scripts but incorporate programs already on your Mac. -for zipping I use Stuffit, I just have a Stuffit drop script which I added as an application in Drop Zone. I drag files to the icon in DZ, they get sent to my Stuffit script, zipped per the scripts instruction and the app is then closed. Very seamless. You could of course use any zipping program you prefer, including OSX’s built in archive utility. Simply add it as an application in DZ and have drag and drop bliss.

  8. Raffi says:

    i love it! one of the best apps i ever bought!

  9. chad engle says:

    Looks amazing! I am using the demo. I wish there was a way you can specifiy what posterous blog you can use. I have several under the same name. I also think if you can setup a IP for sharing files between computers would be amazing. Kudos and keep up the good work!

  10. sandi says:

    I simply love your app!
    I have one question: is it possible to tweak the dropzone in a way that you could choose in which folder you would like to upload a file?

  11. sandi says:

    I just found out how you can do that!
    Thx again for your great app!

  12. i-blis says:

    Very elegant and very promising. I just downloaded it for a test, I shall certainly buy the license as soon as I get used to it. The API is fantastic. I shall probably adapt my osa ruby script to provide them with your nice GUI.

    I simply regret that Dropzone is not fully open source ; by the way, open source doesn’t necessarily mean free : you can still ask customers to pay for the app (those who will change the source to remove the reminder are the same as those who crack apps : a few).

  13. John Winter says:

    @i-blis Glad you like it. There is certainly a part of me that would like to see the app go fully open at some point. Maybe someday. I’m not totally convinced that making it open would result in a better user experience. It sure doesn’t seem to have worked out for Quicksilver.

  14. Christian says:

    I just downloaded the demo and looked around here. This tool has a lot of potential! One question, though: does it support scp, sftp and the like? If so, you should mention it since FTP is pretty insecure and I would discourage using it.

  15. Konstantinos Kontos says:

    Fantastic App! Is there any possibility of using Applescript or Obj-C to write extensions?

  16. John Winter says:

    Thanks Konstantinos. I am planning to add a way to more easily integrate Applescript extensions in the near future.

  17. Eric says:

    Few add-ons that would be nice:

    1) Support for MobileMe
    2) Put the drop zone in the toolbar vs. the dock (the way that the drop.io product is
    3) Create a way for either dropbox or dropzone to drop a file, create a bit.ly link for the file from mobileme and then send that link to e-mail (would save a bunch of steps that way….

    However, great little product and I’ve tried ’em all.

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