Dropzone 2.0 Launched

February 3rd, 2012

I’m thrilled to announce that Dropzone 2.0 is now launched and available on the Mac App Store. To celebrate the launch, Dropzone will be available for the special price of $9.99 USD. This price will be available until the 5th of February (3 days only) and then the price will return to $14.00 USD.

UPDATE: Due to some issues with Dropzone not being available initially in all regions due to some App Store problems, the special price of $9.99 USD will be extended until the 8th of February

We’ve put together an HTML5 demo of circles for you to checkout. It allows you to see Circles in action and shows some of the new features of Dropzone 2.

The new Circles feature was inspired by the Radial Menu found in Path 2. Here’s a short video showing Path 2 and Circles. You’ll want to blow it up and watch it fullscreen.

New in this version:

-Circles: Circles are a great new way to use your favorite Dropzone destinations

-New improved system for accessing recently shared links

-New improved Amazon S3 support

-Dropzone HUD now stays visible during show desktop activation or when switching to other fullscreen apps

-New task completion sound

-Fixed issue where certain high port numbers couldn’t be used for SCP/FTP destinations

-Added an option to choose whether to intall applications in the user or main application folder

-Many other bug fixes and improvements


  1. Patrick says:

    Circles are so great. Very good update. I like it.

  2. Alex says:

    Congrats with Dropzone 2.0 release! Circles are awesome!!! Lifesaver with dual monitors.

  3. murphy says:

    I’m rethinking of rebuying it, but i can’t find the information how many circles are possible?
    And can i add a second menü on the left screen side too?

    Also fyi: The german App Store is a little bit empty for now. Take a look yourself.

  4. John Winter says:

    Hi Murphy – You’re limited to 4 circles for now, but of course you can still use the menu item grid where you can have as many destinations as you like.

    I love your idea of having a second circles menu with different circles on the other side. I may implement that in a future version.

    Thanks for the heads up regarding the blank store. I was about to email Apple about this but it has come right in the US store so I think it’s just a matter of everything not fully updating quite yet.

  5. Steven Josselson says:

    No, it’s still not working in US Mac App Store as of Feb. 2, 7:13 PM US East Coast Time (New York). I’ve tried to purchase it six times over the course of the day with no success.

    If it helps with troubleshooting, the app store’s dialog box reports “error code 13.” You might perhaps consider extending the limited-time discount pricing until this mess is resolved…

    PS: This is yet another frustration for customers like me who have already purchased a license for Dropzone directly from you, and now can’t even buy the app again due to technical issues. Not a very reassuring situation at all…

  6. John Winter says:

    Thanks Steven. I’ve sent a number of urgent emails to Apple. They have not responded yet. I will comment here when this is resolved.

  7. John Winter says:

    Customers tell me that the issue with the App Store is now resolved, thanks for your patience guys. Please let me know if you’re still having issues.

  8. Eric says:

    Nice but I miss the old dropzone dock icon

  9. Darryl says:

    I am trying to purchase on the app store and get a message saying that the app store encountered a problem. It looks like this was a problem a couple of days ago, but should have been resolved.

    Any pointers?

  10. John Winter says:

    Darryl – Yes it should have been resolved now. What’s the error your receiving?

  11. Darryl says:

    Just tried again and it worked. Odd. The message was that the application was being updated. It took about three hours though.


  12. Sebastian says:


    I just saw Dropzone in the app store. I bought it back 2009ish and while I got my time out of it and understand that there’s no uncomplicated transition to the app store for existing users, it would have been nice if a) there had been an info that a significantly newer version is available at all and b) that there’s a limited special offer.

  13. John Winter says:

    Sebastian – I’m sorry you missed the special (was discounted 30% for a week). If you drop me an email I’ll see if we can figure something out.

  14. Sebastian says:

    Thanks John,

    I appreciate that you seek ways around App Store limitations and just don’t stuff the icon in the menu bar. I want to support further development so I’ll buy it and for my 3 additional non discounted bucks you’ll make it the most awesome app ever … 😉

    But next time maybe you could consider (if possible and appropriate) to inform existing users.

  15. Sebastian says:

    PS: Congratulations for being featured in the App Store.

  16. John Winter says:

    Thanks very much Sebastian 😉

  17. Spanyoli says:

    The application is very nice but it shows on the top menu bar , when I drag the application icon to the dock it doesn’t open the grid instead it gives you only option to remove from dock / open

  18. John Winter says:

    Dropzone 2 works from the menu bar and not the dock. You activate it by dragging files onto the menu item or clicking on it. The alternative is Circles which is activated by dragging items to the middle right of the screen or moving the mouse there and clicking the half Circle that appears. There’s a demo of this in the video above.

    If you’re still stuck, please email support@aptonic.com

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