Dropzone 1.0 now available on the Mac App Store

November 15th, 2011

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Dropzone 1.0 is now available on the Mac App Store.

This new version is available now for $14. You will notice that Dropzone 1.0 is a little different from the old version of Dropzone. Instead of residing in the dock, the new version is contained in a menu item in the OS X status bar.

If you purchase the Mac App Store version it will still load all your destinations and work just the same as before apart from this change of location.

While I still plan to support the old, dock based version of Dropzone, moving forward I will be focussing development efforts on the Mac App Store version.


  1. David says:

    What about those that purchased drop zone in the past?

  2. John Winter says:

    Hi David – They will continue to receive updates for the non-MAS version. Might not see quite as much in the new features department as for the MAS version though!

    I’m strongly pushing for users to migrate to the MAS version.

  3. sandi says:

    I bought dropzone back in 2009. I think it would be fair that even all of us that supported development of first version receive recent update. I don’t see the point of buying the MAS version, because I never got version 1 of dropzone (it looks llike I only paid for the beta software).

  4. John Winter says:

    Hi Sandi – I feel your pain, but unfortunately there isn’t any easy way I can transition users who already paid for the non-MAS version to the Mac App Store. Other apps transitioning to the store have this issue as well.

    Also, you didn’t pay for beta software. The stability of the app was not well reflected in the version numbers. It has been stable since 0.3.3.

  5. So customers who bought previous, non-MAS version, are forced to pay one more time or they wouldn’t enjoy same features as in MAS? :/ That sad…

  6. Flo Gehring says:

    Seriously? Why can’t you publish the same app through two distribution channels?
    How about a refund for those who bought it then?

  7. Jonathan Jensen says:

    Hi. What’s the upgrade process to the Mac Store version? Is it recommended to uninstall the old version? Thanks.

  8. tioan says:

    Hi Sandi – I feel your pain, but unfortunately there isn’t any easy way I can transition users who already paid for the non-MAS version to the Mac App Store. Other apps transitioning to the store have this issue as well.

    Also, you didn’t pay for beta software. The stability of the app was not well reflected in the version numbers. It has been stable since 0.3.3.

    Thats wrong you could make an special launch price (50% off or so) like mindnode had done, to make it cheaper for your existing customers

  9. Dmitry says:

    I”ve been a happy user of the paid version (till 0.6) And was looking forward to a expected ver. 1. The pay request for ver 1 release comes as an unpleasant surprise.
    I was using an app called Tiny Cal. When they moved to the apple store they were giving away special codes so we could update freely for free. Apple store was accepting codes then. Maybe it is not easy but possibe? And would be more than fair for people who bought an app and supported the dev of new and better ver 1?

  10. Ebling says:

    Sad? Not fair? Not at all.

    We paid for that version then. We didn’t pay for the 1.0 version that would be released on the MAS. Also, as he said it’s very hard/tedious to migrate users over to the MAS versions of their software. You can’t just hand out keys/promotional codes for people to use as there are limits and the like.

    If you’ve been using it for ~2 years you’ve got your money’s worth—I know I have. You’re not forced to pay for anything. Every time a company releases a new version of anything (Car, software, hardware, ..) I’m not being ‘forced’ to do anything.

    I’m going to evaluate this new version and see how it is. I have some different plans/ideas like a self-hosted CloudApp equivalent and Dropzone would be perfect for that.

  11. Dave says:

    I don’t envy developers having to cope with this MAS transition, as it alienates established customers. Just look at what happened with CoverSutra and Sophiestication to see what a P.R. nightmare this can cause.

    That being said, I like Dropzone, and I think it’s useful. However, it isn’t worth paying twice for that utility. My sentiment is the same as how many others feel, and is why I made the original remark – I don’t envy you guys.

  12. John Winter says:

    Thanks Ebling – You are correct, we only get 50 promo codes for our app. If I could I would give a promo code to every user who purchased the original version of Dropzone in the past 6 months. Unfortunately because of this limit on the number of promo codes that isn’t possible.

    A special price is another possibility, but with Apple already taking 30% cut of sales this is a little tricky as well. I considered releasing 1.0 as a Sparkle update, but 1.0 is really quite a different app due to now residing in the menubar instead of the dock so I think some users would be upset/surprised when the way the app worked drastically changed after updating.

    The pre-1.0 version is still a great app and will continue working. But with Apple pushing the App Store as the main distribution channel for apps it really makes sense to migrate my apps over to the store and unfortunately this does result in some pain for users.

    Sorry I just don’t see any way around this.

  13. John Winter says:

    Hi Jonathan – Yes, you should uninstall the old version first.

    You do this by dragging the Dropzone dock icon out of your dock, this will be detected and you will be prompted to uninstall Dropzone. You can then install the Mac App Store version.

  14. Sofia Fontes says:

    Sophiestication gave promo codes to users of the pre-MAS version of Coversutra so that they could upgrade for free.

  15. sandi says:

    Sure it was stable version from 0.3 on, but somehow I expected that I will at least receive version 1. Sometimes Dropzone was slow, not working properly (I had to reinstall it several times to work properly – that’s why I said like it was “beta”). I understand that is very difficult to give all previous customers promo codes for MAS, but at least you should give us version 1 through your page (those that don’t won’t to get new version can still stick with 0.6).
    If I would enjoy new version I don’t see any problem purchasing it on the MAS. Paying twice for same software…

  16. Dmitry says:

    Yes, I have been using this useful app for the last 18 months or so. But the feeling was that I supported a beta version. The developer gave great and prompt support when needed, but I had to reinstall it several times to get it working right. Up to now the transition status bar doesn’t work. It felp like it was a promise of a stable version one. I agree with Sandy – special links to your loyal users could be a solution.

  17. Ian says:

    I have to be honest – I was expecting 1.0 to be covered by my original license payment. Evernote and others, including independent developers, publish on the App Store and via their own sites with little difference between versions.

    However, I’m more concerned about the switch from the dock to the menu – my menu is already over-full, so I guess there’s little point purchasing the new version as I won’t be able to use it. 🙁

  18. David Snyder says:

    Congrats on the move to the App store John – I wish you luck and hope Dropzone continues to thrive. I’m pleased to hear you will continue limited support on the original version, as I prever to have DZ in the dock vs. the menu bar. -I’m sure the dock was no longer an option with the MAS rules.

    Even if the original version is never ‘improved’ it’s an important part of my work flow and functions perfectly as is. Thanks again for your excellent app!

  19. David says:

    Ahh this is too bad. I feel a little ripped off here.

  20. Chris says:

    Glad you hit the 1.0 milestone and good luck on the MAS sales! I won’t be upgrading to the MAS version, not because of having to pay for it, but because I prefer having it in my dock and don’t need yet another menu item.

  21. John Winter says:

    Hey David! – Yes you are correct. Dock was not an option. Cool to hear you are still finding the app useful 😉

  22. Ray says:

    This seems to be happening more and more.. Move to MAS and no upgrade price for prior license owners. Suggestion…. Many drop the price of the newly introduced MAS app for a short period so prior owners can get it at a reduced price. Smile Software did this as well as Pixelmator.

  23. Cadoc says:

    Will a future version have the ability to either/both show it in the doc or in the status bar?

    For me having yet another icon in the status bar is not an option. I allready have too many.

  24. JegnuX says:

    What about sandboxing becoming mandatory in 2012 ?

    Can you be sure that the App distributed by the MAS will work exactly as the same as now ? All extensions will be working ?

    If so, maybe I will buy Dropzone again (already purchased in july 2009), but if i do it and then you put DropZone out of the MAS because it won’t work anymore because of sandboxing, i’ll feel very ripped off…

  25. John Winter says:

    Hi Cadoc – Unfortunately not, but I will probably add a way to add hotkey triggers for destinations in an upcoming version so this may help.

  26. Maarten says:

    I thought it was a dead product already. Not much happened after version 0.3 or 0.4. It hoped more destinations would be added. The developer was quite active in the beginning but the attention to the product subsided. I not paying for something in which I already was disappointed with. Just porting it to MAS and hoping to revive the income stream is not very nice.

  27. mkid says:

    There is definitely an expectation / assumption that when one purchases a piece of software, especially from an independent developer, they will continue to receive the updates to that software as it grows. From a customer point of view, we feel it’s part of the reason we make the decision to purchase – to show our support and make an ‘investment’ in the software in a way…

    While this is all an unspoken / non-legally-binding situation, i think the people who are upset by this move are definitely the ones who have a sense of entitlement for being involved in a software from the early stages, and have put money in to help grow that software. Im one of them, so I know exactly how it feels.

    That being said, if it was important to the developer to show ‘thanks’ for the support, it’s up to them. If all they want to provide is an apology, and move on, that’s fine too.. it’s not their obligation to keep you happy, but it’s not your obligation to keep quiet about it. If you have a problem – write to a tech blog, leave a review on the app, write an article yourself. Make a twitter post about it. Let people know of your lack of appreciation and you’ll either rally people around what you feel is right, or you’ll at least educate developers into seeing what is important to their customers, the people who have allowed them to make an income based on their work.

    Just making an app is arguably the easy part.. making people take interest in that app, and stick with you loyally through the lifespan of your app is where the actual value is added. By not giving thanks / showing appreciation to the past customers in any way (even a discount?!) you’re literally saying ‘i dont need you guys anymore – I can do this on my own, from scratch’… it may be true, but you’re not starting at ZERO this time, if you have an army of unhappy customers spreading a negative message about your practices.

    Just my thoughts.

  28. John Winter says:

    Hi JegnuX – Could be a problem, of course I’m hoping they will accommodate me or they wouldn’t have approved it in the first place.

    I can’t guarantee anything though of course and Apple will be Apple. But I’m fairly confident I can keep it in the store in some form or another!

  29. JegnuX says:

    Well, I guess I should wait to see before buy it so…

  30. TJ says:

    John wrote:
    > They will continue to receive updates for the non-MAS version.
    > Might not see quite as much in the new features department as
    > for the MAS version though!
    > I’m strongly pushing for users to migrate to the MAS version.

    This isn’t migrating, it’s paying twice for the same app in order to receive *possible* feature updates in the future. What those features might be is unknown at this point.

    In the end Dropzone is only a GUI for managing scripting actions, and the real power lies in what these actions do. And many of these action scripts have been contributed by Dropzone users.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the app and that’s why I bought it, and I understand the problems of the MAS, but I agree with Dave on this one: it isn’t worth paying twice for this utility—not as it is now.

    John wrote:
    > I considered releasing 1.0 as a Sparkle update, but 1.0 is really
    > quite a different app due to now residing in the menubar instead
    > of the dock

    I’m sure things changed on the back end, but from a users’ perspective it’s the same app, just in a different location. But I don’t see why you can’t release 1.0 through the website as well. Offer a download to the old 0.6 dock version, unsupported. A download for the new 1.0 version that’s the same on the MAS but works with existing serials. And, obviously, an option to buy it from the MAS.

    Or, give the user the option where the Dropzone icon is located: in the menu bar, in the Dock, or in both. Dragging files to apps or folders in the Dock is still the de facto standard. Why not give new MAS customers the option to place the Dropzone trigger in the Dock as well? That way 0.6 can also be updated to 1.0 without changing people’s workflows.

  31. Mark Neustadt says:

    I thought there was some mechanism by which if the App ID and version numbers matched exactly the MAS would recognize that the app was already installed.

    Could you release an update to the Dock version users that brings the app id and version numbers in to sync with the MAS version?

  32. Hona says:

    yes it doesn’t feel good to be charged without some discount, if one has bought the 0.6 version… – only change it moved to the upper iconbar… 14$ mmmh…

    I didn’t see any other progress here the last month.
    Guess i have to get the version from another source…

  33. david says:

    There’s a simple solution – a short term discount price. Email registered users that on November 29th, for example, that between 12 EDT and 2 EDT the price will drop to xx.

  34. Pavel says:

    Looks like Apple is going to enforce sandboxing on software sold throuh the Mac App Store, and this will break quite a lot of destinations. How do you plan to work around the sandbox?

  35. Pavel says:

    Nevermind. Should have read the comments before posting.

  36. Rob says:

    People. Get serious. It’s $14, not $1400. If you don’t want to pay for it, don’t. There is nothing unfair about it. The developer can charge whatever he wants for his product. You don’t have to pay for it, Personally, for $14, it looks like good value to me. But make your own decision and quit whining about it. Sheesh . . . .

    John, thinks for putting the time into developing this. I have used it in the past, and will try the new version.

    – Rob

  37. Rick Powell says:

    Charging the full app price for an upgrade is ludicrous and an act of bad faith. It may be facilitated partially by Apple policies but judging from the developers responses above, it’s nevertheless full approved.

    Half-price introductions and promos are commonplace on the App Store. We all know this. if we’re talking about fair, that would be the fair route to take. I’m not sure the developer has thought very clearly about fair, though.

  38. It’s sad. This is starting to happen with more and more of my Mac apps, and makes me sorry I bought some 40+ licenses over the last couple of years. Too many of these guys are seeing an opportunity to sell me a second time when they might not have planned on it – now they have an excuse. In the past this always seemed a bad surprise that happened once in a blue moon, an now it’s becoming part of the Mac experience.

    OF COURSE developers could maintain 2 distribution channels. They are choosing not too and then blaming the limitations of the App store. That’s called making your problems my problems… and it’s not necessary. Disgruntled license owners who feel jerked around, you should reflect your feeling in your App store ratings. I know I will and am happy to see other owners of some apps I use, like Fresh.app have done the same.

  39. Gpy says:

    No way. there is ALWAYS a solution. This is a quite bad habit you developers are having with the excuse of the MAS adoption. This is really unfair for all the people bought the software with a license or via bundle. Actually I was asking to the bundle promoters to assure us that the software should receive an upgrade after a possible MAS migration. So, you should allow your previous customers to jump at least on version 1.0 and have the 2.0 as a paid upgrade. Very very unfair.

  40. Ben Smith says:

    Dropzone has felt abandoned for a some time without any blog updates or new endpoints. I might have paid for a genuine major upgrade with new features but not just to transition to MAS and to relocate the icon.

    I’m not convinced the app in its current state is worth $14 to new customers either based on how other apps have been priced.

  41. SK says:

    Well the guy who said he would “evaluate” the new version, that is one of the many beefs I have with the APP store. You can’t evaluate, there are no demos, no promotions, no discounts.

    I understand the Pain of the developers but lets face it nobody made you decide to go to a different distribution channel. So I understand that Apple makes it darn near impossible for you to transition your users, but maybe you should take a hint there. The App store for iPhones is awash with gripes about how Apple has set it up. Developers hate it and users hate it, so WHY are developers using it? With the iPhone it’s obvious, it’s the only choice till someone wins an anti trust law suit. But with applications? The ONLY reason is you make a bit more money. So complaining that Apple gouges you 30% doesn’t cut it when you had a distribution plan. If Apples 30% is not a cheaper rout for you then you were idiots to go that direction.

    So you saved some money and in so doing shafted your user base. Shafted is a bit strong but I’m not sure what it’s called when a developer tells it’s users that the upgrade discount is zero. So maybe shafting is a good term?

    The bottom line is you have signed up for the MAS (personally I think it’s a bad decision, it’s voluntarily signing up for slavery…) we didn’t. You as a developer need to deal with transitioning your users or your users will transition you.

    Loyalty is a two way street, if you show none don’t expect any from your users.

  42. Jonno says:

    He has said he will support the non-Store version for the forseeable future, so I don’t know why people are so upset.

    Y’all know it is not possible for him to give out free MAS upgrades. Every developer switching to the MAS has had this problem.

    I am a software developer, so I can sympathize with Mr Winter. He is supporting the non-MAS version, the version you paid for, and I am grateful he is.

  43. TJ Luoma says:

    Jonno said:

    > Y’all know it is now possible for him to give out free MAS upgrades. Every developer switching to the MAS has had this problem.

    [I believe Jonno meant “not possible” rather than “now possible.”]

    As someone who felt that the pre-1.0 version never quite worked reliably enough for me and who (like others) felt that development had stagnated or ceased completely, I’m disappointed in being asked to pay for the 1.0, but as someone else said, we paid for the app we received and we received the app we paid for.

    Moving to the Mac App Store seems like a loss here. No upgrades available for existing customers plus Apple is forcing a *major* UI change. Not to mention that risk that the sandboxing rules may further limit the app in the future. Switching to Mac App Store-only lets the developer focus on developing instead of maintaining a web store, but Apple’s 30% cut is just the tip of the iceberg.

  44. John Winter says:

    TJ Luoma – Would you prefer I packed up and quit writing Mac software altogether? Because that’s honestly the only other alternative. Sales of Dropzone dropped off sharply with the introduction of the Mac App Store. The users have spoken and they clearly prefer it to other distribution channels.

    Even if the restrictions created by the store do not provide an ideal environment for Dropzone I still see having it in the store as a net gain because reviving sales will allow me to continue to develop the app.

    I simply wasn’t making enough pre-Mac App Store to justify continued development.

    The fact is, it’s no longer possible to develop Mac Apps and ignore the presence of the Mac App Store. It also doesn’t make sense to try and update two separate apps, one Mac App Store friendly and one not. Better to focus on building an app store compatible app that has a future.

    I’m also sorry you don’t feel that the version you paid for was reliable, if you’d emailed me about your problems I would happily have worked with you to resolve them as with any user who has problems.

  45. TJ Luoma says:

    @ John

    I absolutely want to see Dropzone continue… my only concern is that the Mac App Store seems to be getting *more* restrictive as time goes on, unlike the iOS App Store which started out very strict and has relaxed as time goes on.

    I’m glad to see Dropzone continue, and I think the Mac App Store will give the opportunity for many new people to discover this app.

    For the record, you did help me via email but I was never able to sort out all the issues I had. That was my fault, not yours, and obviously not a universal situation (it could have even been something specific to my computer).

  46. John Winter says:

    TJ Luoma – Thanks. I and many other developers certainly share your concerns about the App Store becoming more restrictive. The notion of sandboxing is good. If Apple addresses a few small problems with the current sandboxing implementation I’m sure it can be made to work well for developers and users.

  47. Englebert Humperdink says:

    Wow, listen to all you wuss bags. This is an honest guy trying to scratch out a living as an indie dev. This is a nice, useful product. Sure, I’d rather not have to cough up $14, but I’m going to do it to support the dev, and to accept the future – MAS. Geez, here’s an idea; skip your Subway for lunch today and you can pay for this app.

  48. John Winter says:

    Haha. Thanks Englebert.

  49. SK says:


    OK so it’s an economic decision and it sounds like it’s the right one for you. It is not a particularly good one for your user base. What I’m hearing is that you feel you will pick up enough new users to make it worth while. For you I hope you are right. I have a VERY strong aversion to the MAS and the monopolizing effect it has on the Mac software market. I do have one app I purchased there because it was not available otherwise but I will always search for an alternative because I vehemently hate the concept of Apple dictating every damn thing you can do with “their” computer. And having my licenses stored at Apple and under their control seems like a forced invasion of privacy. But maybe that is not the majority of users??? Apple may be dumping their desktop machines, as rumored, and that will force me to start cringingly looking at Windows again (I can’t work with out card slots). It strikes me as ironic that the “think differently” company is fighting tooth and nail to keep it’s users and developers from thinking differently than Apple wants them to.

    Anyway good luck. I won’t be transitioning to the MAS version. Partly because of my dislike of the MAS concept but also because bug fixes and updates take forever to get through the hoops so developers by necessity become relativly unable to give decent support. I don’t feel “cheated”, I had a number of years out of the old version.

    But you know if this was all about $ (and certainly that is fine) you may have been better off updating the app and getting your user-base to upgrade. Any plan that relies on a constant stream of new customers is headed for trouble. It must have taken a lot of work to create a MAS compatible version. If you had put that effort into updating the current version you would have had a lot of semi guaranteed sales as all of us would be upgrading.

  50. murphy says:

    Hi John,

    i’m a user from a bundle and i bought the bundle also because i saw your App there. It’s quite a nice bundle and i see it as a opportunity for you to get more users.

    I would have been nice to get an introductory price for all users who would upgrade. I also had upgraded at once, but i think $14 is a little bit steep for the small upgrade currently. Since it is also the price for all new user, i can upgrade any time later. Currently i got also not a clue why to upgrade since your 0.6 version runs very smooth. Also if you had got into store with $7 i had upgraded at once.

    Please take this as a constructive comment. I like DropZone and is part of my every day process. I would like to see the 0.6 version evolving since its better in the dock for my usage.

    When you change your mind about upgrade pricing please consider mailing me. I’m a user for half a year now.

    Have a nice day and continue your great product.

  51. Kilian says:

    There are ways. Ironic Software (Fresh, Yep, Leap etc.) just gave me redeem codes for the App Store versions of all of the software titles that I bought previously from them directly. Totally awesome.

    I think there’s no easy way is a lame excuse. Ironic have proven there is a way, and people who don’t provide us the users with one just don’t try hard enough.

    E.g. Pixelmator offered their 1.x version for a very low price which however included a free upgrade to the long awaited big 2.0 upgrade. I’d probably consider something like that.

  52. Richard Heldmann says:

    I bought Dropzone 3 months ago. Now I get to buy it again. Sour grapes, you bet. Blame the 8 hundred pound gorilla named APPLE, i.e. Big Brother, the personal computer killer for those old enough to remember.

  53. Hakan Bayindir says:


    I’ve bought your software back in august while I didn’t have the time to properly play with it, I was planning to add this to my workflow. When I got your mail about version 1.0, I was genuinely excited but $14 is way more steep than I anticipate for an update.

    Many programs I use is moved to MAS (BBEdit, FX Photo Studio Pro, Daisydisk is to name a few) and they support both versions pretty well. Even BBEdit and Daisydisk provide more features with non-MAS versions.

    As a developer, I was planning to use and extend your application but with $14 entry point, I feel that my money is wasted and my excitement is gone.

    Hope your application does well in the app store though.

    Have a nice day.

  54. dark says:

    Sigh, it sucks to have to pay for the 1.0 upgrade… but for me the change from the dock to the menu bar is enough to persuade me not to buy the new version. restrictions placed by the MAS – i understand, but my menubar is way too full at the moment for dropzone to be of any use there…

    i do hope that you’ll continue support for the 0.6 version – for the sake of your old customers and those who prefer it on their dock rather than the menu bar.

  55. Jim Harris says:

    I do not need another utility in my menubar, I have too many already. I love the fact that DropZone resides in the dock, and will continue to use that version until it doesn’t work any more. This is a sad day for your loyal DropZone customers.

  56. I purchased Dropzone less than 3 months ago and I also feel a bit annoyed that I have to shell out another 14 USD to continue getting the latest of Dropzone. You really should at least half price the App for a few days. The developer of Cinch solve the migration-problem by refunding the purchase price via PayPal after sending him proof of purchase of the app in the AppStore. I know this is quite tedious on your end, but it would certainly leave you with less annoyed customers and bad press.

  57. Andy Huang says:

    Hi John;
    Most apps going to MAS (except for Growl, which people are hating) take one of two paths:
    1) Continue to maintain in both places (Things and TextExpander comes to mind), or
    2) Offer a heavy discount for users to switch over, AND at the same time promise longevity of the MAS version (1Password was introduced for half price for a few weeks before going back to full price)

    I love the software, which is why I bought it. But right now, the conversion path offered is full price for the product again, and uncertainties in the future (sandbox, accessibility and others spring to mind).

    As a developer, I know the complexity of maintaining multiple code base. However, this should not have to be the case. You can simply set multiple build targets — one for MAS, and another for separate distribution — and maintain both apps in the same code base. Why must you separate them into two code bases?

    At this point, as many have pointed, there seems to be no reason to convert to MAS version from 0.6… Especially since dock works better for me than the menu bar — macbook screens are so cluttered, there is no room up there anymore. I will not be ‘upgrading’ until this process is better justified.

    When you consider changing how you are approaching this, please feel free to email me again. All the best with the MAS adventures that I will probably not be apart of.

  58. Will says:

    Hi John,

    Yet another user who bought an earlier version. I am happy to support Dropzone’s continued development by buying the MAS version (even though I dislike the MAS in general, I understand the benefits to developers).

    Dropzone is a quality app – keep on coding!

  59. Jose says:

    I love your app but I AM NOT WILLING TO PAY TWICE, at least without an upgrade discount. By the way, I dislike having the icon in the menu bar veru much. Sorry but it is what I feel

  60. Mystakill says:

    I just picked Dropzone up in June, so paying for it again less than six months later is not an option. I don’t agree with Apple’s rules & feature omissions from MAS, and generally buy direct from the vendor, or as is the case with apps like this, not at all. I don’t want nerfed apps (“offending” features missing from the app due to Apple’s rules), no upgrade path (as in this case), overly-complicated licensing in family situations (purchases on multiple accounts can be shared, but multiple logins are required). These are just a few of my peeves, but enough to keep me *out* of MAS for the most part.

    Also, demos should be possible in MAS, with an in-app option to upgrade, which they *finally* allowed in iOS apps after the store was overrun with lite/trial/demo/se versions in addition to the full versions of many titles. Yes, it artificially inflated the number of apps, which was good for Apple’s marketing purposes, but was a real pain in the arse for the actual users to wade through.

  61. Joseph says:

    Hi John,

    I know this is a difficult problem, but let me say:

    In some cases, we have to pay more than $14 for MAS.

    This is a known issue of MAS, that MAS doesn’t reflect correct yen/$-exchange rate – currently about 10% cheaper (against dollar) than it really is. So I, live in Japan, have to pay more than users in U.S. do for the same app.

    I doubt it’s worth paying twice (because it’s nice even with 0.6), needless to say this situation.

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